Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Afternoon tea...

Where we live, the sun goes down early.
Well it seems that way because we live in a spot where our (side) yard rises up to the north, the road rises at the front of our house to the east, and behind the house towards the west, there are massive trees in other people's yards that block the sun by about 3.30 pm. In summer this isn't a problem but now that it's winter, once the sun disappears, the temperature drops quickly and it's time to close the house up a bit and have a nice hot cuppa.
My daughter teaches school nearby, so she pops in regularly. Today I didn't have anything to eat to go with the hot cuppa, so had the 'brilliant' idea to make pikelets or pancakes. Now you might think there is no difference between pikelets and pancakes but yes, there is. She chose the pancakes. These are the one's my mum used to make and they are Dutch pancakes...not like the thick small pikelets but very thin, like crepes. They are easy to whip up on the spur of the moment but just be prepared to continue making them while others eagerly devour them.
You'll be eating the last ones...

Recipe below or click on tab above.

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