Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cooking or the lack of same...

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As you can see my cooking has become more infrequent than ever. This is not a good thing. Life should be full of good food and yet as I've ( or we - hubby and I) have grown older, we seem to worry less and less about putting in the effort to cook meals regularly. Hubby seems to enjoy the cheese and pineapple wraps he 'cooks' in the sandwich press just about every lunch time. I have late breakfasts because I go to the pool after my school bus run, or 'work out' (a VERY grandiose name for going to the local park and using the new exercise equipment) 2 or 3 days per week on the way home. So I have Organic oats at about 10.30 and don't feel hungry till about 3 pm, which naturally throws the whole hunger/feeding thingy out of whack and then I tend to have a hot drink with several crackers and cheese or sweet biscuits, which in turn throws out my dinner time hunger.

So soups are always a really good option for a quick evening meal. They are satisfying palate wise, fill your tummy up without feeling bloated which is not a good thing before retiring to bed and they are also
Yummy spinach and potato soup.
so simple to make. So when I was browsing through the new batch of gossip mags the neighbour deposits at my front door at least once a week, saw this great spinach soup recipe and knew I had all the simple ingredients available, I jumped to and voila! a beautifully flavoured soup ready in under an hour. Yum Yum!
I was happy that I'd actually got to and created something new to eat and hubby was delighted his wife had actually cooked him a meal for a change. 
I'll certainly be making this one again very soon.
It'a a real winter warmer.

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