Wednesday, December 1, 2021

 Mum Dijk's Dutch Croquettes

These are traditionally served on New Year's Eve, but now they are eaten really any time. They do take a little bit of work but are delicious as a snack served on a serviette with a dollop of French Mustard or also served with a salad as a meal.  Enjoy!

You will need:

  • 1 pkt of Continental Dutch Curry and Rice Soup (Still  available at Woollies or IGA in Australia)
  • 600 mls cold water
  • 500 grams mince steak or veal
  • 60 grams butter (of mararine)
  • 5 tablespoons plain flour
  • Handful of fresh parsley chopped
The coating:
  • Large packet breadcrumbs
  • Several egg whites 
For frying: 1-2 packets Supa-Fry solid white oil (This oil gives the best results)
To Serve: French Mustard prepared or Seedy Dijon

How to do it:
  1. Place minced meat, water and packet soup in a saucepan and simmer for 1/2 hour, stirring often to keep mixture from sticking to bottom of pan. 
  2. After 1/2 hour, add butter to mixture and simmer for a further 1/2 hour
  3. Add parsley and mix through
  4. Sprinkle flour over mixture and immediately stir flour through and continue cooking the mixture for about 5 minutes until a smooth paste is attained.
  5. Spread mixture in large baking or lamington tin. Spray with oil and line with baking paper if you want first.
  6. Allow to cool until set and cold.
Putting it all together:
  1. Take a knife and score the set mixture into rectangular portions.
  2. Prepare 2-3 egg whites with a drop of oil and 1 tablespoon of iced water and beat till lightly frothy
  3. Place breadcrumbs in shallow bowl
  4. Roll meat mix between your hands into you short, sausage like shapes
  5. Roll each one in breadcrumbs, then egg whites, then breadcrumbs again.
To Fry:
  1. Melt solid oil in a deep saucepan til very hot. 
  2. Add several croquettes and deep fry them until golden brown. If oil is too hot it will burn the crumbs, if not hot enough, they tend to fall apart. Good idea to try a piece of bread first, or a croquette to see how quickly or not it browns. 
  3. Serve immediately or put in hot oven until all croquettes are ready to serve.
Please note:

      Croquettes can be frozen after bread crumbing them. I find they are better unfrozen, but          you could freeze some and see.

Enjoy your Dutch Croquettes!

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