Thursday, May 29, 2014

German Apple Cake

Every so now and then I'm required to bring a cake to a get-together of friends or family.
The occasional cook that I am always wants to do something pretty simple.
I have two standby cake recipes which I guessed it, from friends. Both are simple, but I'll share one of them with you today - German Apple Cake.
As I mentioned, I like SIMPLE. You can use two kinds of apple, either fresh or canned.
Today I chose to use fresh apple, mainly because I actually had some nice, green Granny Smiths in the crisper. (For the very rare person who doesn't's not a granny I've stowed away in the fridge, but the name of the lovely green skinned, crisp cooking apple.) So all that's a little more fiddly about using fresh apples, is that you have to peel and slice them. If that's going to put you off making this yummy, but EASY cake, just open up a tin of pie apples instead.

To  see the recipe please click the Recipe Tab above or here

The finished product...nomnomnom

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